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The Range of Cakes

Picture Frame Puds are baked from my family kitchen. Please browse the selection of cakes below. I’m happy to meet your requirements if the cake you are after isn’t in my range, please email me. I can deliver locally to Appleton, Stockton Heath and the general Warrington area.


I provide a wide range of cupcake flavours and if you don’t see any listed please feel free to ask and I will try my best to cater for you. All the cupcakes are topped with a cream cheese topping, but buttercream is available on request. Both the topping and sponge are flavoured.

Most Popular Cupcakes

Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, Coffee, Chocolate orange, Lemon, Peanut butter and Apple, Cinnamon and lemon. Other flavours available are lemon and ginger, lemon curd, raspberry jam filled vanilla, strawberries and cream, lime and ginger, white chocolate, chocolate and hazelnut, banana and toffee, apple and custard, rocky road, cherry and Dark chocolate, cranberry and white chocolate.


Peanut butter Slab (Gluten Free)

When people say they can’t find a good gluten free cake. Look no further than this one and great remake of tiffin for a specialised diet.


Chocolate, Brandy and Hazelnut Single Layer 9’1/2 inch cake (Gluten Free)

A nutty, boozy rich chocolate cake for a gluten free diet.


Orange and Almond Single Layer 9’1/2 inch cake (Gluten Free)

A lovely Autumn inspired cake extremely moist and goes great with fresh cream.

Chocolate Monster Cake

Monster Cakes

3 layer indulgent party cakes filled with marshmallows, peanut butter, chocolate fingers and bursting with buttercream.

Giant sweet Vanilla sponge cupcake

Giant Cupcake

These giant cupcakes make a great centre piece for any party. Sweet and bursting with tasty treats!

Indulgent Black Forest Gateau

Black Forest Gateau

Chocolate Sponge drizzled in Amaretto layered with Cream and a Fresh Cherry and Fruit filling. Smothered with a creamy ganache and topped with fresh berries Lets bring the 80’s back with a kick!

Oaty Ginger Parkin

Traditional Parkin

To celebrate Bonfire night or whenever you may want it in the year, tasty oaty and packed full of ginger.


Sweet Potato, White Chocolate and Coconut Slab

Let’s get tropical think of a milky Jamaican Cocktail turned into a tasty Sponge cake.

pumpkin fudge cake for Halloween

Pumpkin or Butternut Squash and fudge

A warm spicy nutmeg and vegetable sponge flecked with Cadburys fudge and topped with cream cheese and tablet fudge.

Gluten Free Cupcakes

Cupcakes (Gluten Free)

Vanilla, chocolate or white chocolate cupcakes


Plain flapjack

Sticky oaty slices great to have in when entertaining or to put out for a tea party.


Honey and Almond flapjack

Extremely rich sweet flapjack with a nice nutty edge.


Fruit, nut and milk chocolate flapjack

Perfect for getting that Chocolate kick but still fitting in your daily fruit snack.

White Chocolate Flapjack infused with Cranberries

Cranberry and white Chocolate flapjack

The tanginess of the Cranberries is softened by the creamy white chocolate, indulge.


Vanilla baked cheesecake

A lovely simple creamy texture, but also a great cake to adapt.


Passionfruit baked cheesecake

A fresh fruity, zesty cheesecake great for finishing off a dinner party, it’s certainly one way to wow the guests.


Non-bake Mint Chocolate cheesecake

A Chocolaty biscuit base with a refreshing hint of mint spiralling its way through a milk chocolate cream.

Cranberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake

Non-Bake Cranberry and White ChocolateCheesecake

Insanely rich and creamy cheesecake frosted with white chocolate flakes and dried cranberries.


Cranberry Tiffin

Chocolaty biscuit slab with cranberries throughout and smothered with milk chocolate.


Chocolate Orange Avalanche 9 1/2 inch circular double layer cake or Slabcake

Crumbling tumbling chocolate orange sponge with chocolate hazelnut filled ‘potholes’ and flooded with zesty orange butter cream, chocolate sprinkles, biscuit and orange zest


Coffee and Walnut 9 1/2 inch circular double layer cake or Slabcake

Double strength coffee cake flecked with Walnuts and covered with dollops of rich coffee butter-cream

Lemon and poppyseed 4

Lemon and Poppy Seed Slabcake

Light fluffy lemon infused sponge covered with lemon butter-cream and a sprinkling of poppy seeds

A traditional favourite, zesty Lemon curd Cake

Lemon Curd 9 1/2 inch circular double layer cake

Lemon infused sponge filled with lemon curd and a lemony butter-cream, topped with icing


Victoria Sponge 9 1/2 inch circular double layer cake

Classic vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and fresh creamand sprinkled with icing sugar


Rocky Road

Delicious Chocolaty biscuit slabs with cherries, raisins and chunky marshmallows throughout.


Marshmallow Crispy

A light extremely sweet chewy chunk smothered with a chocolate of your choice.


Millionaires’ shortbread

Buttery shortbread layered with a sweet homemade caramel and coated with milk chocolate.


Peppermint and Chocolate Shortbread

This recipe layers a chocolate biscuit base, a peppermint cream filling and a milk chocolate top.

Honeycomb Tiffin

Honeycomb Tiffin

Chocolaty biscuit slab with chunks of Cadbury’s Crunchie thrown in and smothered with chocolate



A scrumptious white chocolate brownie, no more needs to be said.


Snickers brownie

Gooey, sticky brownie with Snickers chunks and drizzled with white and dark chocolate.


Mars Bar Brownie

Gooey, sticky brownie with Mars bar chunks and drizzled with white and dark chocolate.


Chilli Chocolate Sponge Cake

Chocolate sponge cake infused with hot red chillies and peanuts.


Courgette and Cranberry Slab Cake

Smothered in a cream cheese icing and topped with a dried cranberry and sugar coated courgette curl.

Moist Chocolate & Beetroot cake

Chocolate and Beetroot

Beetroot you say…yes you heard right! Moistly moist moist earthy chocolate cake with a lush purple tinge. Smothered with a rich chocolate butter-cream and flaked with dark chocolate curls.


Carrot Cake

Dense sponge packed full of spices and grated carrot, smothered with cream cheese ‘butter-cream’ with a handful of walnuts thrown on


Hummingbird Cake

A delightful remake of the traditional banana or carrot cake. Banana and pineapple carrot cake the fruitiest of all the cakes on offer smothered with a butter and cream cheese topping.

Zesty Parsnip Lime & Ginger Cake

Parsnip, Lime and Ginger

Zesty dense sponge with a spicy ginger kick